I started a podcast

September 5, 2023

The title of this post seems to be a very common phrase nowadays, and I'm actually really glad podcasts are so popular now because audio is one of my favorite forms of content. I know this will sound too sentimental but I think there’s something magical about audio content, about letting your mind paint a picture based on what you’re hearing and just letting the narrator guide you.

I’ve been working as a full-time dev for a podcast hosting platform for 2 years and I’ve learned a lot about the technical aspects and naturally, I’ve also learned a lot about the whole podcasting world and its content creation part.

I used to listen to podcasts before, but working at Castos has made me appreciate all the work podcasters and audio editors do in a whole new level, it even has made me love and enjoy podcasts way more. So, eventually I thought about having my own because I wanted to try something new and do it as a more personal project.

The thing is that I’ve been wanting to do something creative for a while and also express myself in a different way, so starting a podcast was an idea that really excited me, but of course, at the same time, made me very nervous.

My idea was to have something more personal, to share my thoughts and struggles but also combine it with that side of me that really enjoys learning new (and often random) things, so besides sharing personal stories I decided to mix them with (hopefully) interesting analogies about tech, science and more. This is actually something I do very often, so I guess it’s a bit of a sneak peek at how my brain works lol.

I decided to call it “One bit at a time” and at the time of this post, I've recorded three episodes (yay!). I was very insecure at first, I’ve never been a big fan of my voice, but I’m deciding to truly live by that one bit a a time philosophy. Having a podcast won’t make me love my voice right away but each time I record an episode it gets easier to hear myself and it's getting even more enjoyable each time.

Listen to all the episodes here :)