Hi. Hola. Olá

Call me Maru

I'm a Front-end developer
who loves art and design

About me

👋 My name is María Eugenia (she/her) but most people call me Maru. I'm a self-taught front-end developer who is passionate about learning new technologies & building things.

I'm an art and design enthusiast, so I truly love bringing ideas to life in the form of beautiful and responsive websites.

I believe we never stop learning, so I work hard to expand my skill set and stay updated. With a background in the education field, helping institutes to create an optimal user experience for their e-learning courses, I'm also very familiar with the importance of accessibility.

Main Skills




Responsive Design


CSS Flexbox

CSS Flexbox is a Documentation Page with Interactive Demos to help users visualize how flexbox properties actually work. (Built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript)

Retro Tasks

Retro Tasks is a unique To Do app that looks and sounds like a game. Every two tasks you level up and earn stars along the way. (Built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript)


You can also find me here! 👇